Ned Ex




5' 11


165 lbs


Serial Killer

Favorite Weapon

Fire Axe

First Appearence

Student Body

Last Appearence

Student Body 5

Ned Ex is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Student Body series of slasher films. He hunts stalks student Elaine Clarice as she progresses through school, starting her senior year of high school and finishing when she is in college.


Ned Ex was created as a mute mentally unstable man, who after being bullied by the kids from his high school stalks and kills them for revenge. He finds a slight attraction to Elaine, but when he denies him her love. He hunts her down to gain her in death.

A lot about Ned Ex revolves around the number 23. His fist name NED letter add up to 23 and his last name Ex, prounced as the letter X (X being the 23rd letter of the alphabet).


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